Table of Contents

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  1. Family of ISO 9000 Standards – a list of all ISO 9000 standards family
  2. Configuration Audits and Checklist – sample checklist for FCA and PCA
  3. Ensuring Quality – basics of Quality for software projects
  4. Phase End Audit Checklist – sample phase end audit checklist
  5. Components of Software Development Processes – brief  introduction to various components of Software Development Processes
  6. Lean Thinking and Six Sigma – What is Lean Thinking & Six Sigma
  7. Job Openings in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi (NCR) – Job Openings
  8. CSQA Question Papers – List of CSQA question papers
  9. Causal Analysis Guidelines – set of guidelines for doing Causal Analysis
  10. Faulty Assumptions in Quality Engineering – Six precepts among the most prevalent and erroneous in the field of Quality
  11. Defects in the context of quality engineering – The definition of Defect in Quality Engineering
  12. ISO – 9126 – a brief description of ISO 9126
  13. Disaster Recovery Plan – What should be there in the Disaster Recovery Plan
  14. Inspection Roles, Participants and Process – All about Inspection
  15. Quality Cost Analysis – Basics important information to understand the cost of Quality
  16. Revision of CMMi v 1.1 to CMMi v1.2 – a list of changes in CMMi v 1.2
  17. Introduction to ISO 9001:2008 – a brief of ISO 9001:2008
  18. How to calculate Software Quality Attributes – it talks about various software quality attributes and their formulas
  19. Philip Crosby’s concept of Quality Improvement – Philip Crosby’s model for Quality improvement
  20. SQA Audit – Introduction to SQA Audits
  21. Process and Product Assurance Methods and supporting technologies – a must read topic
  22. Six Sigma Quality – Brief of Six Sigma concept of Quality
  23. Verification Strategies: Reviews, Walkthroughs and Inspections – understand difference between Reviews, Walkthroughs and Inspection
  24. Software Quality Attributes – basics of various Quality Attributes
  25. Contributors to Poor Quality – main contributors to poor quality
  26. Juran Trilogy – Juran’s concept of Quality improvement
  27. Continuous Improvement – what exactly continuous improvement is?
  28. Quality Function Deployment – benefits and basics of QFD
  29. Terminology used in Quality – Main terminology used in Quality Engineering
  30. Benchmarking – benefits, importance and case study
  31. Role of the audit checklist for Quality Management System – importance of audit checklists
  32. Revision of ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008 – set of changes in ISO 9001:2008
  33. Steps for Baselining Processes – steps for baselining
  34. Conducting Objective and Subjecting Quality Baseline studies – how to conduct objective and subjective baseline studies
  35. Quality Baseline Study – what is baseline study
  36. Deming’s 14 Quality Principles – list of deming’s quality principles
  37. Quality – what is Quality
  38. Management Principles in ISO 9001:2000 – management principles of ISO 9001
  39. Assessment – what is an assessment
  40. Audit – systematic examination – what is an audit
  41. Work Product – FSD Audit Checklist – a sample checklist for doing work product audit for functional specification document
  42. 5.1.1 Information Security Policy Document – details on ISMS control 5.1.1
  43. 5.1.2 Review of Information Security Policy – details on ISMS control 5.1.2
  44. Types of Defects – Classification defects
  45. Planning and Preparation of SQA and Internal Audits – how to do planning for SQA and Internal Audits.
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